4k 30hz and 60hz: You don't have to choose, you can have both!

4k 30hz and 60hz: You don't have to choose, you can have both!

The sharpness of the video playing is substantially influenced by your television or monitor's refresh rate (measured in Hz). Even while 4K movies have excellent quality, you can be a little let down if you don't have the right equipment. Even though refresh rate is really only one factor in video quality, it is nevertheless important.Which do you choose between 4K 30hz and 60hz? People often struggle like this.

The slightly improved 4K at 60Hz is great for watching movies. Therefore, for movies shot at 24 frames per second, neither 30Hz nor 60Hz will be ideal. Yet, with a 60Hz panel, movies that were shot at frames per second of 48 or 60 will always look superior.


What Is The Relationship Between 4K 30hz and 60hz?

  • 4K: 4K is the resolution of an image.
  • Resolution:The quantity of pixels that make up an image is referred to as resolution. The image is stronger when there are more pixels. 4K typically has a resolution of (4096 x 2160), which means there are 4096 horizontal pixels and 2160 vertical pixels. 3840 x 2160 resolutions are also regarded as 4K.
  • Rate of Frame:The total number of pictures that a video recording acquires and captures in one second is known as frame rate (abbreviated as framerate or frames per second, for short).
  • Continuity Rate:The amount of times a display updates an image inside one second is known as refresh rate and is denoted by the symbol Hz.

Despite being connected, 4K 30hz and 60hz describe two distinct concepts. In contrast to the refresh rates of a television screen, which are 4K 30Hz and 60Hz, 4k is an image quality of (4096 x 2160). You can determine however many orders of magnitude larger a 4K picture updates in a second by examining the amount behind the Hz.

What Makes 4K 30hz and 60hz Different From One Another?

Refresh rate VS.Frames per second

We all understand that 4K resolutions have 4,096 horizontal pixels on the monitor, while those with 3,820 images are still regarded as 4K. The refresh rate (measured in Hertz) and frame rates (FPS) provide another factor to take into account when evaluating video quality.


A single still picture makes up a frame. Essentially, a video is a series of still images that are displayed quickly. The quality of something like the video increases with the number of frames captured each second. Hence, frame rate refers to how many still photos the camera takes each second. The capability of the lens, computer, tablet, or other originating device will determine how well this works.

A complicated set of actions is used to capture each new frame, which is subsequently divided into pixels in accordance with the resolution and supplied to your monitor or display. More frames per minute can be captured with stronger cameras, CPUs, and GPUs.


Conscious rate

The amount of times the display is repainted after receiving information is referred to as the refresh rate and is a feature of the screen or display. If your monitor can redraw the tv room 30 or 60 times per second, respectively, it has a clock speed of 4K 30hz and 60hz. Higher refresh rates are associated with stronger displays.

How 4K 30hz and 60hz Is Published?

But what happens when these two ideas combine to produce high-quality images?

The refresh rate of something like the display or monitor is a feature that the monitor was built with, so it is unaffected by the frame rate of the serial port, such as a computer.

The monitor will, however, miss a certain number of frames if your laptop has a greater FPS than that of the framerate of the display. Consequently, regardless of how good your computers or other originating device is, the key features is limited by the framerate of the display (4K 30hz and 60hz).

The refresh rates of the graphics card connections and display ports will also have a limit on the picture quality even if your system can produce 90 frames per second and your display can handle 90 or even 120 Hz.

Currently, expensive hardware is required to handle elevated frame rates and refreshing rates. To retain the great picture quality you are paying more for in your gadgets, it is crucial to make sure you invest in the correct connectors.

For instance, gaming displays with refresh rates of 120Hz are available (very impressive, and equally expensive). You might or might not be able to fully utilize the refresh rate depending on the connector you decide on, be it DisplayPort or HDMI. There is a limit on the number of images that may be broadcast to the display using HDMI 1.4, which is restricted to 60 frames per second depending on resolution. You can only use DisplayPort to fully benefit from the 120Hz.

Choose Proscreencast So You Don't Have To Hesitate 4K 30hz and 60hz

Sometimes even if your HDMI supports 4K 30hz and 60hz, it is unavoidably limited by the equipment you are using. If your computer or TV is still an old style, you can’t just use a low-resolution HDMI cable for a long time.

The current phenomenon in many families is the coexistence of old equipment and emerging equipment, so it is obviously not cost-effective to purchase the cables supporting these equipment separately at this time.

You can choose Proscreencast SC01, which allows you to freely choose the highest resolution supported by the device in the optional interface, and at the most cost-effective price.


A 60Hz display will typically perform better than a 30Hz one when playing a 4K movie, especially one with a frames per second of 24fps. Even though 60Hz monitors still need to account for the frames per second, because they reload the image more quickly, everything looks more fluid. You will want at minimum a 60Hz monitor for movies with greater frame rates.

You need to make sure that any supporting hardware you have supports 60Hz, obviously this is a particularly troublesome thing, and many people don't pay attention to this when buying, and the highly compatible Proscreencast SC01 can make you don't need Swing in 4k 30hz and 60hz, giving you more freedom of choice.

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