How To Have A Karaoke Party With ProScreenCast Product

How To Have A Karaoke Party With Wireless HDMI Extender

What an excellent pastime karaoke provides. Karaoke is a surefire pastime to keep your guests entertained the entire time at any event, whether it's a home party, one held in a separate party space, or even a picnic in a park.

You want to build the ideal karaoke setup, but you don't want to buy a machine, then. Or perhaps you're holding a karaoke party at the last minute but don't have access to a machine? That's no issue; we'll show you how to set up karaoke the best way possible without karaoke equipment.

Use your computer as a "karaoke machine."

Setting up karaoke on a PC is simple.

You can set up karaoke on a PC by attaching your microphone directly to the machine and utilizing a CD-G disc, Spotify, YouTube, karaoke software, or a Karaoke app for audio and lyrics.

The most economical way to arrange your music audio and lyric video for a home karaoke system is on YouTube. Search YouTube for an instrumental or karaoke rendition of a song while connected to your mixer with a tablet, laptop, or smart TV.

How to Set Up Karaoke at Home using YouTube

Together with your roommates, significant other, family, or even your neighbors, you may hold your own karaoke night at home. The most popular HD karaoke machines with good sound, a wide variety of songs, and two wireless microphones are too pricey. I'll demonstrate all of that using YouTube.

The nicest part is that it's so easy. The only advantage of these offline karaoke players is that they can function without an internet connection. All of these, however, have one glaring drawback: ultimately, the music library will go out of date. You'll become weary of singing the same tunes over and over. The most recent songs require additional payments.

Thanks to current technology, YouTube, and ProScreenCast, you can now host a karaoke party with all of the newest songs and use your karaoke setup for as long as you wish.

The YouTube TV queueing feature makes choosing and selecting music much more enjoyable. Use your WiFi-connected smartphones (such as an iPhone or Android device) and tablets (such as an iPad or Android device) to add music to your queue, and YouTube will play each item in turn. Using ProScreenCast is not necessary if you have an Apple TV or smart TV that can reflect YouTube to your TV. But if you have a standard (non-smart) TV with HDMI, you can use ProScreenCast to wirelessly link your smartphone or tablet to your TV.

Share your lyrics on the big screen.

If you have a small karaoke party at home, then I recommend you to use ProScreenCast SC01, which is a product we are proud of.

ProScreenCast SC01

SC01 characteristics:

  • 4K resolution: It supports the highest 4K@60Hz resolution, knowing that many products on the market only support 1080p or 4k@30hz. SC01 is absolutely the perfect choice for you. It ensures that you can transmit high-quality pictures and make the party more atmosphere.
  • Ultra-low latency: When you are singing when the picture, audio, or lyrics stutter, this is always frustrating. SC01's chip supports 5G high-speed transmission to ensure smooth picture output. Some people have used it to play games, and you can see that there are no stutters all the way. So it's worth it!

  • No need for an app: Plug and play. Just connect the SC01 to a big screen that supports HDMI. Next, turn on your windows computer or Apple computer, enable the screen mirror function, and you can share your lyrics to the big screen.
  • Compatibility: Support Miracast, Airplay, DLNA. Compatible with Android, macOS, iOS, Windows, and ChromeOS.

If you are holding a karaoke party in an open space, we recommend that you use ProScreenCast SC02. It can be transmitted stably to 165FT/50M as far away as possible.

sc02 with Microphones

SC02 characteristics:

  • Plug And Play: Get up and running in 20 seconds with a true plug-and-play experience. 
  • Up to 8 TX: Provides the option to switch between up to 8 different devices.
  • Ultra Low Latency: Use strong 5G, stable connection, high quality, and low latency under 80 ms.
  • 4k@30Hz: 4k wireless HDMI receiver, the picture image is delicate, and more details of the computer screen are perfect. 
  • 165ft/50m Long Distance Transmission: Point-to-point transmission distance can reach 50 meters. 
  • HDMI + VGA Dual Model Transmission: VGA and HDMI can be collocated freely and output at the same time or separately. 

Other equipment you need to purchase


You want to make sure that whichever microphone you pick does your voice justice and highlights your skill when it comes to purchasing a microphone. Finding the microphone that is best for your voice rather than just the one with the correct price is the secret to choosing the perfect one. There are countless options available, from wireless to wired, costing $20 to hundreds.

If you want to spice up your karaoke party and protect your microphones from singers' spittle, don't forget to get Microphone Windscreen Foam Covers! These covers can be reused and washed.



Choose a location for your karaoke party. Your options for speakers may be limited or required by the space you have, which should focus on your positioning search.

Most speakers need some open room to operate at their peak level, so if you can only fit them in near to the wall, you'll need to take that into account when searching.

Enjoy your new speakers most crucially and lastly. After all, it was the whole objective of this effort. They will look after you for a very long time if you show them a little respect.



By default, your sound system will play the audio from the ProScreenCast, and your TV will play the audio from the microphone. You would need to utilize a mixer if you wanted to combine TV sound and microphone output to send to your sound system speakers.

Let's summarize what you need.

You only need the following items to set up your Karaoke system:

  1. WIFI internet connection on a TV with an HDMI port
  2. ProScreenCast product(if you do not have a Smart TV or a device supported by YouTube)
  3. Microphones (Wireless UHF microphones recommended)
  4. Karaoke-friendly speakers (PA speakers recommended or Karaoke specific speakers)
  5. As needed, use audio cables. Check out the instructions below.
  6. YouTube app

I hope you have a good time at your karaoke party. Share in the comments section how many songs you and your friends can get in your queue!

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