How To Use Your Big Screen TV To Play Mobile Games

How To Use Your Big Screen TV To Play Mobile Games

A gamer shouldn't be restricted to a console in order to have a game shown on TV. The best Android games don't have to be restricted to that little phone screen (opens in new tab). The ability to wirelessly "screen mirror" your mobile game to your TV is now available. Another name for this is wireless display.

You can wirelessly stream Android/iPhone games to the big screen if you have the correct TV. Even if yours isn't quite adequate, you can catch up with the rest with a simple upgrade. We'll examine a couple different approaches of releasing your Android games so you may play them on your TV. Here's how to play Android/iPhone games on your TV while relaxing on the couch.

Use screen mirroring device

The screen mirroring feature on phones is one that hardly anyone uses. It can wirelessly display anything on your phone's screen on your TV, and it can be found in practically all phones made in the last five years. Although this function goes by several names depending on the phone, it is based on the Miracast standard.

The screen of your device can be precisely mirrored on a Smart TV or laptop/PC monitor via screen mirroring. This will let you to view what is on your mobile device on a laptop or television. With the use of this technology, you will be able to play your mobile games on a larger screen while still being able to control them using your smartphone.

You can get a device that will enable you to accomplish that in the event that your TV is not a smart TV or your smartphone is unable to reflect the screen of your laptop or PC. Use miracast dongle or wireless hdmi devices. ProScreenCast SC01 miracast dongle is different from miracast dongle on the market. It is very easy to use, does not need app and home WiFi, and can be projected from the mobile phone to the TV screen with a simple setting. Not only that, it also supports 4k resolution and HDR, giving you the best viewing experience.

SC01 Miracast Dongle For TV 4k 60Hz Wireless Display Adapter

Advantages of Wireless Video HDMI

  1. High-quality video and audio are available with Wireless Video HDMI, which is simple to install.
  2. HDMI cables that are conventionally wired have an untidy appearance. However, wireless video HDMI enables you to have a neat and straightforward media stand. Without a wired cable, you can position your media device more freely and adaptably in relation to your TV. Rearrange as much as you like. Without being constrained by HDMI wires, you may place your TV anywhere, whether on a media stand, mounted to a wall, or in a room entirely apart from your set-top box.
  3. A wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver's usual range is no more than 150 feet. This implies that you may move your TV to almost any room in your house or place of business while keeping your media device in the same space.
  4. Like traditional HDMI, wireless HDMI does not require a home WiFi network connection. Instead, it produces a direct wireless signal of its own between the transmitter and the receiver. If your Internet connection stops, you can still access all of your devices.


The popularity of playing on a smartphone has expanded as a result of developments in mobile game creation and smartphone technology. However, some people still choose using a larger screen when playing video games. The finest strategies for playing your mobile games on the large screen have been covered in this blog post. The good news is that there are additional approaches to doing this.

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