ProScreenCast New Product | SC02 Is Here

ProScreenCast New Product | SC02 Is Here

HDMI wireless transmitter is a new and developing technology.ProScreenCast is one of leader in screen cast, and in August 2022, we launched SC02 wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver with 4k@30Hz.

When you want to share your device on a big screen. The wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver kit is a good choice to avoid messy HDMI cables interspersed up and down the wall, or expensive installation to hide the cable in the wall. 

Because SC02 broadcasts video and audio wirelessly over HDMI, you can put an HDTV almost anywhere in your house. Plugging it in is all that is required. Wireless Video HDMI provides a direct wireless link that transmits beautiful full HD video with very little latency between your media source and TV.

How far does SC02 support transmission?

The available range of HDMI transmitters usually varies by brand or model, but the typical range starts at about 30ft and can reach as far as 3000ft. When determining the location of the HDMI transmitter, consider any walls, furniture, or appliances that may hinder the signal.

With SC02 transmitter, you can watch video on your monitor from up to 165ft away. Dual-antenna enhanced signal can ensure stable transmission within the distance of 165ft! If through 1 wall the signal can transmit 10-30m/33ft-100ft. transmission distance is enough to cover the entire conference room or room in the home. This means you don't have to buy a long HDMI cable to extend video signals. So you may still enjoy watching even if your living room is large or your TV is in the kitchen. 

Up to 165ft/50m transmission distance

What resolutions does SC02 support?

SC02 supports a resolution of 4k up to 30 Hz. wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver appeared 5 years ago, but few people can transmit 4k video quality. But SC02 did it! We provide greatly improved video quality and user experience and 4K support with faster 5G WiFi.

support 4k@30Hz

Can communicate with 8 transmitters at a time.

Most wireless HDMI products can communicate with only one transmitter or receiver at a time. But SC02 can be used with eight transmitters with just one button to turn on or off sharing your screen. 

This also makes it very suitable for use in large meetings. Imagine that you are in a multi-person meeting, each with a proposal that you want to share, and SC02 will provide a lot of convenience for your meeting.

Up to 8 TX

Let's summarize the main features of SC02

  • Plug and play, no need setup
  • Maximum line of transmission distance of 165 feet
  • Ultra-low latency for real time streaming
  • Up to 8 transmitters transmit 8 different devices
  • 4k HD with 30Hz

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