How To Miracast For Android Phone By Use ProScreenCast

First, connect the ProScreenCast wirelessly to televisions, projectors and other external monitors that support HDMI. 
You can see the following picture on TV showing that the router is not connected (only used for the first time).

1. Connect to ProScreenCast WIFI

Open WIFI in setting enter and Select ProScreenCast,and enter the password(The initial password is 12345678).
Open WIFI in setting enter and Select ProScreenCast

2. Enter Page

Open browser and enter to enter the settings page. On this page, select the WIFI of your router and enter your WIFI password to connect.

3. Open the settings center and select cast.

4. Select ProScreenCast

When you successfully connect to ProScreenCast, you will see this prompt above your phone (Different models of mobile phones may display differently) . You can stop screen mirroring by clicking disconnect at any time.