IR Remote Control: What It Is?

IR Remote Control: What It Is?

An infrared (IR) remote control's transmitter sends light signals to a receiver located within another electrical device. An infrared remote control is a portable, wireless device used to operate music, video, and other electronic equipment inside a room using light signals in the infrared (IR) band.

These devices include TVs, stereos, DVD players, gaming consoles, and other devices. An infrared (IR) remote control transmits commands to electronic devices by employing a bulb or group of bulbs that generate infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye.

The cost of IR remote control devices varies, with the cheapest having a single IR transmitter to the most expensive having several IR transmitters. Electronics that are IR remote-compatible include front-mounted sensors that can detect infrared light and decipher commands.

How do IR Remote Controls operate?

Infrared (IR) remote controls use infrared light to send signals from the remote to the device it is controlling. The signals are sent in the form of pulses of light which are sent to the device and picked up by an IR receiver. The signal is subsequently decoded by the receiver and sent to the microcontroller of the apparatus. The device is turned on or off, or a parameter is changed, depending on how the microcontroller interprets the signal.

Application scenario of IR Remote Control

1. Home entertainment systems: IR remote controls are commonly used to operate televisions, DVD players, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, video game consoles, home theater systems, and soundbars.

2. Home appliances: IR remote controls are used to operate air conditioners, ceiling fans, window blinds, garage door openers, and other home appliances.

3. Industrial applications: IR remote controls can be used to control robots, industrial equipment, and automated production lines.

4. Automotive applications: IR remote controls are used in some cars to control the windows, seats, radio, and other features.

The IR remote controls' limitations

While IR remote controls do allow you to operate electronics while seated on your couch, there are some restrictions.

1. Range Limitations: The range of an IR remote is typically between 8 and 10 meters, or around 26 and 33 feet. However, this range can vary depending on the type of remote, the environment, and the quality of the signal.

2. Line-of-Sight Necessity: Infrared remote controls require a direct line-of-sight to the device they are controlling. This may be difficult in certain situations.

3. Interference: Infrared remote controls can be disrupted by bright lights, direct sunlight, and other infrared sources.

4. Battery Dependency: Infrared remote controls rely on batteries for power. This means that the batteries must be replaced regularly.

What are Programmable IR Remotes?

Programmable IR remotes are universal remote controls that allow the user to program different buttons to control a variety of devices. They are programmed by pointing the remote at the device and pressing the corresponding button. The programming code is then stored in the remote's memory. The remote can then be used to control any compatible device that has the same code.

Additionally, some of these remote controls include preprogrammed code sets. The remote will automatically program the correct IR codes when you enter the code for the manufacturer and model of your electrical equipment.

Do IR remote controls pass through walls?

The infrared remote control does not work between walls. Because infrared is a kind of light wave, the distance of the signal is limited and cannot pass through walls or other solid objects. They rely on the line-of-sight connection between the transmitter and the receiver.

However, there is a way to transfer infrared light from one device to another and control the first device by controlling another device. That is to use sets of receivers and transmitters that support infrared control.

ProScreenCast SC03 IR Control

ProScreenCast SC03 Wireless Transmitter HDMI Extender supports infrared control, which allows you to use infrared control through the wall from 656ft by establishing a new connection directly between the receiver and the transmitter.


In conclusion, an IR remote control is a device that uses infrared light to control the functions of a device, such as a television, DVD player, stereo, or other electronic equipment. It is a convenient way to control multiple devices from a single remote.

In addition, IR remote controls can be used to control devices from a distance and can be programmed to control many different types of devices. The technology of IR remote controls is constantly evolving and becoming more powerful, allowing them to control more devices with greater accuracy.

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