Wireless Displays and Extenders

Wireless Displays and Extenders


    ProScreenCast wireless HDMI extender makes it possible to distribute HD and UHD HDMI signals over long distances without having to run additional HDMI or Ethernet cabling. Wirelessly transmit your 1080p or 4K signal to the big screen via 2.4GHz or 5GHz dual-band. Transmission distances range from 100ft to 660ft.

    ProScreenCast provides a better option

    Unlike other wireless display options, ProScreenCast supports the Miracast standard built into the Windows 10/8.1 OS, which can both wirelessly duplicate content from a user device to a display, and also seamlessly extend the user screen.

    No App Required

    Easy to setup and mirroring directly from web, no app required.

    Ultra Low Latency

    Enjoy ultra low latency live matches and gaming experience anywhere.

    Wireless Display

    A simpler and more convenient alternative than using wired connection